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Comet is a tool that integrates with other tools you use, allowing for seamless collaboration between team members. If a particular platform works for one person but not another, Comet comes in to bridge the gap. And to top it all off, Comet uses artificial intelligence to make your workflow more efficient.



Comet integrates with a variety of tools, allowing you to run your corner of the world as you see fit. Comet takes changes from other programs and syncs them with the other tools used by your team to allow for a seamless workflow. (Finally, you'll never need to worry about the tools your developers are using to get the information you need.)

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Using artificial intelligence, Comet learns how your team works and automatically finds ways to improve the process. Have a team member who always forgets to mark tasks as "done"? What about someone who doesn't include screenshots? With Comet, those matters become a non-issue.

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Comet's artificial intelligence provides you with a virtual project assistant to help determine what to do next. Our program can identify available team members to assist you when you are overloaded, and can flag when someone has too much on their plate.

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Beta customers will receive full time support, and development of custom integrations with the other tools they use.

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Use your own tools

By integrating with all the other tools your team uses to do work, we can make sure everyone has the information they need piped directly into the their favorite tool. Let your sales team use Highrise, your dev team use Github, your design team use Basecamp, and your support team use Olark. Everyone gets the information they need, right in context. Come to Comet to get the full view of everything.

Comet integrates directly with every tool we can find, if you find one that we haven't yet, let us know. If you have a tool you built internally you'd like integrated with Comet, thats possible too!

And more on the way...

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We offer 24 hour support and corporate training services if your team needs a bit of help getting rolling. Email Sales with all of your questions and we'll figure out how to make Comet work for your team.

Work smarter, skip the tedious parts

Comet learns how you and your team work. We've developed an artificial intelligence that can dig out and delete duplicate tasks, can follow up on team members who are taking longer than expected to complete a task, and many many other things that slowly eat away at your Project Managers' time. The Comet AI makes sure your Project Managers are managing projects, not doing data entry.

Plus, we've attached this artificial intelligence to slack and hipchat.

Comet, what should I work on next?
The design team just finished Sign up confirmation email, that seems like the highest priority right now.
Comet, is Nick busy this week?
He has 4 medium sized tasks this week, and normally completes 6 medium tasks per week.
Comet, how is the project coming along?
There are 2 large tasks and 3 medium tasks left to do before the September 28th, delivery date. At our current rate, we are 100% likely to reach completion early, and are 70% likely to be under budget. See why

When your tools know what you need to do your job, it can do more.

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